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Russian general elections 2011: parties

Russian general elections 2011: parties
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Seven parties are competing in the Duma election:

United RussiaЕдиная Россия

United Russia, centre-right social-conservative party, the biggest in Russia, formed in 2001. Dubbed as “party of power”, UR has constitutional majority in the current Duma. as of Feb. 2011, has 5 government ministers in its ranks, and as of autumn 2010, 75 out of 83 regions’ heads.
The party claims the list for these election was for the first time drafted based on primaries. The list will be headed by the current Russian President Dmitry Medveded, and UR is to propose as its candidate for 2012 presidential election the now-Prime minister Vladimir Putin.


Communist Party of Russian Federation, left-wing, formed in 1993 as a reconstituted Communist party of Soviet Russian Federation. Strategic goal – the building of “renewed socialism”, short-term objectives – power to the “patriotic forces”, nationalisation of natural reserves and strategic branches of economy while maintaining small businesses, developping the socially-oriented policies. Head of list and leader of the party- Gennady Zyuganov.


Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia, nominally liberal, de-facto liberal-nationalist, conservative, antiglobalist and populist. Founded in 1992 г. as a heir to the Liberal-Democratic party of Soviet Union, lider of the list and head of the party – Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Patriots of RussiaПатриоты России

Patriots of Russia, moderate left, list and party headed by Gennady Semigin. The core of the program – patriotism, social democracy. Constituted as a party in 2002 г. as a union of several parties, already members of an eponymous coalition.

equoПравое дело

The Right Cause, centre-right democratic and market-oriented party, founded in 2008 as a union of three liberal parties, Union of Right Forces, Citizen Force and Democratic Party. After the party head, billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov was ousted in September, the party and its elections list are headed by Andrei Dunaev.

A Just RussiaСправедливая Россия

A Just Russia, centre-left social-democratic party, created in 2006 as union of several left-wing parties, in 2008 joined by the Greens.


Yabloko (russian for Apple, but in fact play on founders’ names Yavlinsky-Boldyrev-Lukin), social-liberal, the only remainder of “historic” democrats of the 90s in the big politics. Founded in 1993, does not have partliamentary representation since 2003. Head of list – founder Grigory Yavlinsky.