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Spectre of emigration looms over Greece

Spectre of emigration looms over Greece
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International lenders are piling pressure on Greece’s political parties to give written guarantees of support for the country’s bailout deal.

With a new technocrat prime minister in place, the politicians appear to be on board, but there is still a lot of anger on the streets, and many are considering emigration.

One young male student said: “(If) we don’t have something to eat, we will think about going to another country.”

His friend said: “We fight, we stay…and I think all problems can be solved if you fight very well and if you believe that.”

A female student said: “I think I am going to stay here because if I leave I feel I will (have) betrayed my country. So, I will do whatever is necessary in order to improve the situation.”

Our correspondent in Greece, Ali Sheikholeslami said:

“Getting the vote of confidence from the parliament is one thing, winning the confidence of the Greek people is another. Optimism is in very short supply in this country. That means wrestling with the massive debt will not be the only challenge for the new government.”