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Police and protesters clash in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Police and protesters clash in Cairo's Tahrir Square
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Violent clashes have erupted between riot police and protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

The unrest comes just days before an election that is supposed to mark a key step in Egypt’s transition to democracy.

But the post-Mubarak reality has left many angry and disillusioned at the army’s dominance.

Saturday’s disturbances followed Friday’s mass rally of mainly Islamist demonstrators, calling for Egypt’s military rulers to transfer power swiftly to a civilian government.

Trouble flared on Saturday after security forces broke up a sit-in at the square. People injured during the uprising at the start of the year and relatives of those killed camped out to demand that those behind the violence be brought to justice.

More than 80 people have been injured in the latest clashes and a number of arrests made.

Egypt’s revolution looks far from over.