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High expectations for "Super Mario" in Italy

High expectations for "Super Mario" in Italy
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He has now won two confidence votes and has vowed to change the image of politicians in the eyes of the Italian public.

There seems to be a general consensus that new premier Mario Monti could be the man to save Italy from collapse under the weight of the debt crisis and restore some credibility to the eurozone.

He is already being dubbed “Super Mario”, but there are those who caution against expecting too much.

One of them is Massimo Franco, a columnist for the popular newspaper Corriere della Sera: “He’s a professor, he’s not a professional politician and his arrival was saluted as the salvation of Italy, but he’s just a person who must try to make Italy recover. It’s not easy and it will take time.”

Some Italians think that no matter where Monti takes the country it cannot get any worse than it was.

The expecations are high, but if Mario Monti is to boost growth and reduce debt there will undoubtedly be some pain for Italians, which may dent his popularity.