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German neo-Nazi group may be 'larger than thought'

German neo-Nazi group may be 'larger than thought'
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German police questioning a man over suspected links to an underground neo-Nazi group believe the network may have been larger than previously thought.

Alarm over the far right threat has prompted German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich to call for a national register of dangerous right wing extremists.

The cell is thought to have been responsible for the deaths of 10 people over the past decade, including the so-called kebab murders of mostly Turkish shopkeepers.

The man being held has been identified as Holger G, who is believed to have provided vehicles and documents for the far right group.

He was arrested at the garage where he worked in his home town of Lauenau, near Hannover.

“He was always so nice and polite with all the customers. I don’t understand how he could belong to such a group,” said work colleague Daniel Fleing.

“Were you surprised by his arrest?” one resident was asked.

“Sure I was. On the other hand it’s always said there are neo-Nazis in the region,” she replied.

A woman is also being held by police in connection with the suspected far right organisation. Two alleged members – both male – apparently committed suicide in the central German state of Thuringia.

The case has prompted the government to consider new ways to outlaw the far right NPD, or National Democratic Party.

A previous attempt ten years ago was later rejected by Germany’s highest court.