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Monti's new government in Italy receives cautious backing

Monti's new government in Italy receives cautious backing
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The race to assemble a new government in Italy continues. Prime Minister designate Mario Monti has received assurances his administration will be backed by both of the country’s main parties.

However, the wrangling continues as MPs seek positions in a cabinet expected to consist mainly of non-political technocrats. After meeting with key members from the two biggest parties, the message from the main opposition Democratic Party (PD) is one of support.

After meeting with Monti, PD leader Luigi Bersani said: “We exchanged views concerning the proposed economic programme and structure of the government. I confirmed my party’s intention to support an authoritative government including those with a strong technical background and knowledge.”

Backing from Berlusconi’s PDL has been given, but it is more tentative.

“We have discussed everything. We talked about the economic programme and gave our contribution. We reaffirmed that the commitments we took before with Europe still represent the main point of our engagement in support of the future Monti government,” said PDL leader Angelino Alfano

Former coalition members, the rightwing Northern League, are opposed to both a new administration led by former EU Commissioner Monti and the planned EU-IMF monitoring system. One Northern League MP sayed he hoped they would still be allowed to keep speaking in Italian.

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