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Berlusconi vows to remain centre stage

Berlusconi vows to remain centre stage
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Silvio Berlusconi left the presidential palace to jeers and boos last night but there was a reversal of fortunes 24-hours later.

There was clearly a spring in the step of Italy’s outgoing prime minister who earlier signalled in a video statement that reports of his departure from politics had been exaggerated.

“To those who cheered for what they called my exit from the political scene, I want to say very clearly that I will double my commitment in parliament to renew Italy’s institutions. I don’t expect any gratitude, but I won’t give up,” he said.

So it appears we have not seen or heard the last of the man Italians call “Il Cavaliere” or the knight.

Berlusconi has proved to be a master of rising phoenix-like from the flames over nearly two decades and only a brave soul would bet against him disappearing from the frontline of Italian politics.