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Italians ponder life after Berlusconi

Italians ponder life after Berlusconi
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Many Italians are today wondering whether Sillvio Berlusconi’s resignation is really a resignation at all.

The prime minister’s giving himself until the budget passes through parliament smells fishy to some; they wonder if it is not just a ploy to buy himself some time to spring one last trap.

“I don’t believe in Berlusconi’s resignation, I think he is searching a way to survive”

“We are moving towards a very confused electoral campaign indeed, but I don’t know exactly where we will end up”

“It’s a shame. We have never seen such a staggered resignation before, a kind of ‘death foretold’…” were just three opinions expressed by people in Rome.

It seems that there is a general recognition on the street that the Berlusconi era is over. However the man’s influence over the nation’s politics is likely to continue well beyond the end of November.