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Greeks await the name of a new leader

Greeks await the name of a new leader
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In Greece it is another day of waiting and of talking. It is also deadline day. European finance ministers meeting in Brussels today are insisting their Greek colleague, Evangelos Venizelos, spells out how the country will implement measures to stave off bankruptcy and use the 130 billion euro bail out fund.

On the streets people wait for an announcement on who will lead the new unity government after Prime Minister, George Papandreou agreed to stand down.

“I don’t expect anything. If the people don’t change and understand that we need to vote nothing will happen. This will happen only when we go hungry. When people truly go hungry and there’s an uprising, then things will change,” said Stavros Stournaras a bread salesman.

Civil engineer, George Viachos was more optimistic.

“I believe it will be a better day, a new week, a new day for Greece and for the economy of Greece. And I believe I have heard there will be elections on the February 19. I believe, it will be a better day. Believe me,” he said.

Following the talks led by President Karolos Populias, which led to the announcement of a new unity government, details of a way forward remain vague.

He has said political leaders will meet again on Monday evening hoping to make further announcements including who will become Prime Minister.