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Indignados keep up protests

Indignados keep up protests
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If the euro crisis is not going away, nor are the “indignados” or “occupy” protests.

In Germany thousands rallied in Berlin and in Frankfurt, in front of the European Central Bank, to express their anger over the gap between rich and poor.

In Frankfurt, as in elsewhere around the world, a camp has been set up.

One portester explained: “The main reason I’m here is that we are currently going through a time where change is possible and can happen if people get involved, And I believe something needs to happen.”

In France, security forces moved in swiftly to break up an attempt to set up a camp in La Defense, Paris’s business centre.

Organisers said they were disappointed only a few hundred people responded to an online campaign but said they expected the movement to grow as the situation in the country worsens.

At least two people were injured as the gendarmes cleared the area.