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Russian spy scandal video released by FBI

Russian spy scandal video released by FBI
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Video footage which could be straight out of a John le Carré film plot has been released said to show Anna Chapman and other members of the 2010 Russian spy ring apparently exchanging information and money.

The FBI has published the surveillance material as part of a Freedom of Information request.

Last year, in a Cold-War-style swap, US authorities exchanged ten Russian spies for four Russians who were imprisoned on charges for spying in the West.

The ten Russians including media-dubbed femme fatale Chapman had spent years trying to blend into American society in an apparent bid to get close to power.

The US agreed to their release into Moscow’s hands, saying that no classified information had ever been obtained. But hundreds of other documents from the investigation have been deemed too sensitive to be released now.

On their arrival back home, Russia’s president awarded all ten with the country’s highest honour.