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Tensions run high in Tunisia

Tensions run high in Tunisia
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Tensions are still high in the Tunisian town whose protests started the Arab Spring.

As the damage caused by the latest violence in Sidi Bouzid is surveyed – burnt out buildings and cars – there are complaints that despite the first truly free elections in years, nothing has really changed for the people living here.

The protests began after Popular List party candidates were disqualified and their seats lost, even though many people in the town had voted for the party.

One man said the outcome of the election showed the people of Sidi Bouzid had been treated unfairly, but that they were strong people.

Anger was directed at the local headquarters of

islamist party Ennahda, who won 41 per cent of the vote last Sunday.

Senior officials in Ennahda say they will not work with Popular List party. Many in Sidi Bouzid feel they are being ignored after their key role in bringing about change.