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Nina Hagen is one of Germany's most eccentric artist

Nina Hagen is one of Germany's most eccentric  artist
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She shot to fame in the 70s as the punk queen from East Berlin, and although she has since changed musical styles, she remains politically commited.

Nina Hagen described herself as “a freedom fighter praying to God for help to create heaven on earth. I am a freedom fighter.”

Nina Hagen is also a commited Christian, her last album was called “Personal Jesus”. Today she plays a mix of rock, blues, gospel and even country – referencing the musical movements of the 60s and 70s.

Nina Hagen comes from a political family, her father was in the Nazi resistance, her grandfather died a concentration camp. Her mother was a singer and actress who later married Wolf Biermann, an anti-establishment singer-songwriter. It’s no surprise then that her upcoming album “Volksbeat” is equally political.

Nina Hagen’s new album Volksbeat will be in shops this November. Her book Confessions: My Path to God is out now.