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The human cost of Turkey's devastating quake

The human cost of Turkey's devastating quake
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Shock, fear, devastation and grief; for those caught up in Turkey’s earthquake nightmare, it is a cruel cocktail of emotions.
Some have lost everything – their homes, their loved ones. Others are unsure who is alive or dead.
“Fortunately we have not lost any family,” one woman in the rubble-strewn city of Ercis told euronews. “But others have lost many relatives. For our friends, the damage has been huge. This is happening now. I hope God does not let it happen again. May God bless our country.”
Asked if her home had been damaged, she replied:
“Yes, there is too much damage – a huge fracture. It is leaning over.”
Thousands of tents and blankets, as well as stoves and food have been distributed to the homeless and those afraid to go home amid ongoing aftershocks. But the extent of the need is enormous in this mainly Kurdish region.
Bora Bayraktar, our correspondent in Ercis, said: “Here, at the epicentre, people who have lost their homes spent the night in Turkish Red Crescent tents. All the aid has been brought here, to this location.”