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Libya's NTC ends the grim Gaddafi sideshow

Libya's NTC ends the grim Gaddafi sideshow
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Libya’s new administration has said the body of the former leader Muammar Gaddafi will no longer be shown to the public. The announcement came as new, disturbing video emerged of his capture. A commander at the scene said Gaddafi was taken to an ambulance, wounded but alive.

Omar al-Shibani said: “We handed him over to the ambulance. It all happened quickly so we didn’t concentrate too hard on the exact details. There was blood on his clothes around the chest and abdomen and on his face. But he was alive.”

The former rebels displayed what they said was one of Gaddafi’s shoes, his rifle and two handguns, including a gold-plated Browning and another loaded with dum-dum bullets, banned by international convention.

A video has emerged on the internet featuring a man who claims to have delivered the fatal shots. He says he shot Gaddafi under the arm and in the head, but euronews cannot verify its authenticity. There are other reports that Gaddafi was killed in crossfire.

Gaddafi’s death prompted dancing in the streets with the official announcement that Libya was liberated.

The country’s transitional leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil has now announced a committee to investigate what exactly happened in the moments between the images of the dictator alive and those of him dead.

The human rights branch of the United Nations had joined the Gaddafi family to press for an inquiry.