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NTC leader visits wounded fighters in Benghazi

NTC leader visits wounded fighters in Benghazi
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The head of Libya’s National Transitional council (NTC), Mustafa Abdel Jalil, visited wounded fighters at a medical centre in Benghazi on Saturday.

Jalil had been accused by wounded fighters, who say that Libya’s interim leaders have not been doing enough for wounded troops dying of treatable injuries.

“We are trying hard to speed up the process of the treatments. Both moderately and critically wounded people want to be treated abroad, which is difficult. They are competing with each other,” announced Mustafa Abdel Jalil.

In Misrata, Libyan forces guarded Muammer Gaddafi’s body, which lay next to his son Mo’Tassim, on a mattress in a cold storage room.

Members of the public were allowed to view the deposed leader for a second day but the wounds that may hold the clue to how he died were covered up.

Guards overseeing Gaddafi’s body handed out green surgical masks to people filing in to take a look at the decomposing bodies.

The statue depicting a plane caught in a fist, that was previously on diplay in Tripoli, also lies in Misrata as a symbol of a new Libya.

Libya’s NTC has said it plans to declare the full liberation of the country on Sunday.