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Assange joins activists in Occupy London protest

Assange joins activists in Occupy London protest
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It was nothing compared to the violence in Rome.

But scuffles also broke out in London as protesters camped down for the night outside St Paul’s Cathedral. Police tried unsuccessfully to stop them.

The London Stock Exchange had been the target of choice for up to 3,000 demonstrators marching in

the city’s financial centre earlier. But, prevented from reaching it, they returned to St Paul’s where a police ‘containment’ operation was put in place and a handful of arrests made.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange addressed activists and told euronews that the Arab Spring had set an example.

“We in the West have a lot to learn from the successes of people in the Arab Spring, their determination and professionalism in response to years of abuse and torture,” said Assange.

Some taking part in the demonstration said they would not normally have done so but that enough was enough.

“These people say they want their voices heard against the culture of greed, particularly in the banking sector,” said euronews correspondent Ali Sheikholeslami. “They also ask why a very small minority of people, the elite, has the power to control the majority of wealth of the society.”