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NTC claims Gaddafi son has been captured

NTC claims Gaddafi son has been captured
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Celebratory bursts of machine-gun fire and fireworks have lit up the skies over Tripoli after news filtered through that Muammar Gaddafi’s son Mo’tassim had been captured.

Officials in Sirte claim Mo’tassim was taken while trying to escape the city in a car with a family.

If confirmed it will be a plus for the interim government as he was the national security advisor to his father.

One jubilant Tripoli resident said: “We got the little one, now we want the big one.”

But there have been false reports before of the capture of Gaddafi family members.

Meanwhile in the city of Sirte former rebel fighters are optimistic that the Gaddafi stronghold will fall very soon.

During the last 24 -hours, Gaddafi loyalists have been either cornered or captured.

The taking of Sirte is the last major step before the interim government controls the whole of the country.