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Egyptians blame outside forces for protest violence

Egyptians blame outside forces for protest violence
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In Egypt, they have been burying their dead as Tuesday signalled the start of three days of mourning.

There has been a political fallout to violent protests on Sunday, as Finance Minister Hazem el-Beblawi, who was appointed in July, has now quit over the government’s handling of the protests.

On the streets many point the finger at the army and blame them for the 26 deaths and not religious tensions between Coptic Christians and Muslims.

“We have always been friends as Muslims and Christians, we eat and drink together. My friends are Christian, my dearest friends, even more than some Muslims. And we have always been friends. What happened is something that was plotted because of the elections,” said Nawal Fathi Saleh in Cairo.

Anger among the Copts was evident at some of the funerals. Many Egyptians feel the ruling military council, which was handed the power to govern by President Hosni Mubarak before he was ousted, want to delay forthcoming elections.

The Copts have a number of grievances against the interim administration.