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Desperate need for medical aid in Sirte says Red Cross

Desperate need for medical aid in Sirte says Red Cross
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Medical aid is in short supply in the besieged Libyan city of Sirte according to the International Red Cross.

People there are dying because of shortage of oxygen and fuel, says the organisation. A team from the IRC was able cross the front lines to deliver potentially live saving equipment which a spokeswoman said would be used to carry out operations on the wounded.

The National Transitional Council had called a two day ceasefire to allow civilians to leave the embattled town before launching a major offensive.

Amateur video footage, which has not been verified, reportedly filmed by a NTC fighter showed intense fighting on the streets despite the ceasefire. It is claimed there is still a pathway opened for people to leave with the NTC fighters checking documents.

Residents say conditions continue to deteriorate with food in short supply and no water or electricity.

Forces loyal to Gaddafi remain in control of strategic positions inside the town including high-rise buildings where snipers are positioned making progress slow, said NTC officials.