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Syrian government tries to crush dissent in Rastan

Syrian government tries to crush dissent in Rastan
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Pro-democracy protesters are again out on the streets of Syria demanding the removal of President Bashar al-Assad. Some of those demonstrating made reference to pro-Assad supporters attacking the US ambassador’s convoy on Wednesday. Tens of thousands of them took part in anti-government demonstrations on Friday.

The United Nations says 2,700 protesters have been killed by Assad’s government since the movement began.

Meanwhile, the government is focusing its efforts on the central town of Rastan, claiming seven members of its forces have been killed fighting “terrorists” there.

Some of the army in Rastan have defected, many after refusing to open fire on protesters. After months of peaceful protests, an armed resistance has been started in the town, which the government is now trying to crush. There are claims that at least 1,000 deserters and armed villagers are fighting the government loyalists.