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Cuts & taxes, a European crisis roundup

Cuts & taxes, a European crisis roundup
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Perspectives: different angles by various European TV stations on a subject that dominated the week’s news.

Government cutbacks have teachers protesting, from the public and subsidised private sectors. In France on Tuesday, they demonstrated against job losses. In Spain, public health workers were up in arms. Spanish TVE reported from Barcelona.

Shop fronts in Greece have recession crisis written all over them. This year 68,000 small businesses have pulled the shutters down, unable to go on because of austerity measures being applied. Another sign of the times is the boom in poverty. Swiss Italian television TSI reported from Athens.

The Greek government’s ‘drive for more taxes is mad’, read one newspaper headline in Athens, following the introduction of a new levy on property. The Orthodox Church’s privileged status is especially in question, with a new property tax on everyone except the church. Swiss French television TSR carried a special report.

Italy has its own colossal debt problems: nearly two trillion euros of debt. It has started selling off state property to whittle this down. But it also has trouble collecting taxes, including yacht fraud. France 2 television reported from Capri.