Michael Jackson's personal assistant testifies

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Michael Jackson's personal assistant testifies

Michael Jackson's personal assistant testifies
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A personal assistant and a security guard have been giving evidence in the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray.

The singer’s head of security, Faheem Muhammed, told the court about what he saw in Jackson’s bedroom, and how when he arrived, Murray was attempting to resuscitate the singer.

Prosecutor David Walgren questioned Muhammed.

“And when you came around to the far side of the bed, what was Conrad Murray doing?”

Muhammed answered.

“He appeared to be administering CPR, he appeared very nervous, he was on his side, he was sweaty, and he appeared to be administering CPR.”

Jackson’s personal assistant, Michael Amir Williams testified about a phonecall he received from Dr Murray on the day of the singer’s death.

“He said ‘Mr Jackson had a bad reaction.’ I don’t know what you presume when you hear that, but I hear that someone had a bad reaction I don’t think anything fatal. Me personally. And I wasn’t asked to call 9-1-1, so he told me what to do and I did what the doctor instructed me to do.”

Prosecutors allege that Dr Murray gave Jackson a lethal overdose of the sedative that caused his death in 2009. Defence lawyers say the drug was self-administered.