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Scuffles as curtain falls on Catalonian bullfights

Scuffles as curtain falls on Catalonian bullfights
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There were emotional scenes in Barcelona after Catalonia’s final bullfight took place before a ban comes into force in the autonomous Spanish region.

Two matadors were carried aloft after the event at the iconic Monumental arena.

Scuffles broke out between fans and a small group of anti-bullfight campaigners, as tension that had been building up before the fight spilled over.

The ban takes effect from January but Sunday marked the end of the season. Supporters have not lost all hope; a national petition is being drawn up and Spain’s opposition Popular Party is appealing against it.

Anti-bullfighting activists said they were celebrating the end of animal torture, but critics see the ban as more of a political move by Catalonia to distance itself from Spanish culture.

Fans had paid up to 1,500 euros for tickets to see a young Catalan matador kill the last bull. One said closing the rings was “like throwing a Picasso painting into the dustbin”.