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Optimism in the West Bank

Optimism in the West Bank
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There is optimism in the West Bank about the possibility of becoming a recognised sovereign state.

The majority are positive, despite the strong opposition at diplomatic level to the request and the prospect of failure.

“yesterday they lit the first candle for the Palestinian state at the UN, and everyone saw how happy people were and how much support there was for Abu Mazen on the street.” said one man, reading the newspaper.

“As members of the UN, we will have the right to live like other countries that are members and so we are optimistic that we will become a state like others.” said another.

There was no sign of violence in the West Bank, as Israel had feared. Perhaps predictably, the reaction was more mixed in Jerusalem.

“I feel really strongly about this, Abbas’ has strenthened his position so there will be no problems now because it means there is now also a leader on the Palestinian side.”