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Life alongside the Israeli Separation Wall

Life alongside the Israeli Separation Wall
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Claire Anastas is a Palestinian Christian and lives in Bethlehem. Ever since the Israelis built their separation wall in 2002 to keep out suicide bombers, Claire and her family have woken up to towering concrete slabs which almost encircle her house.

The barrier killed off her fledgling souvenir shop and her husbands garage and during the 2nd Intifada the Israeli army took up positions along the wall.

Claire remembers it well:

“We lived under fear, a real horrible life for many years and especially when they used to occupy our home, mostly at midnight, showing us papers that they had the right to do so as it was a military order. They used to chose which bedroom they wanted, waking up our children at gun point.”

The children refused to be filmed. Claire’s own ancestors arrived in the Holy Land from Venice over 500 years ago but now she wonders if there is still a future for them all in this fabled land of milk and honey.

“We are so frustrated at being ignored because we are just civilians. We are now demanding our human rights and we hope something will change soon as it just can’t continue,” said Claire.

Euronews Reporter Isabel Ces said: “A protection wall or a wall of oppression – for sure it is a nightmare for the Anastas family.”