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Fresh flag marks a fresh start for Libya at UN HQ

Fresh flag marks a fresh start for Libya at UN HQ
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Libya’s new flag has been warmly applauded at a high-level summit at UN headquarters in New York.

The rapturous reception was another sign that the country’s post-Gaddafi rulers have been fully embraced by the international community.

Libya’s interim government leader has pledged a spirit of tolerance and reconciliation.

Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Jalil told a UN summit in support of Libya that it would be a “vital state, a vibrant state that upholds the principles of peace and security in the region; a state that respects human rights and establishes a nation in which Libyans can govern themselves and seek official positions through elections”.

Due to be named in the next ten days, Libya’s new government will be represented by the tri-colour flag used from 1951 until Colonel Gaddafi introduced a green one, 26 years later.