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German Pirates navigate their way to parliament

German Pirates navigate their way to parliament
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The Pirates are navigating their way to government. They have ‘captured’ 15 seats in the German state assembly winning 8.5 percent of votes in Sunday’s election humiliating major parties such as the Free Democrats.

It is reckoned 23,000 registered voters who do not usually turn out for the election, cast their ballots for the Pirates, who campaigned under the flag of the internet, calling for copyright reform and better privacy.

The party, which began in Sweden five years ago, has had success in local elections. In Berlin their anti-establishment and witty election campaign was a hit with younger voters; the German capital is a hub for information technology and start ups.

For Chancellor Angela Merkel the elections in the city state of Berlin proved another political setback. The FDP, junior partners in the ruling coalition, were ejected from the assembly falling below the five percent threshold to a post-war low of 1.8 per cent. The Pirates have played their part on keelhauling them.