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Welsh mine tragedy as all missing found dead

Welsh mine tragedy as all missing found dead
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All four coal miners who were caught in an accident in a South Wales colliery have been found dead.
Despite hopes that a search lasting more than 24 hours might save some, one by one each was confirmed to have died.
They became trapped in a flash food at the Gleision Colliery near Swansea on Thursday. 
Three other men managed to escape and one was taken to hospital. Emergency services said a wall had given way, flooding the main route into the mine.
It made access to the main shaft at the bottom of the pit difficult, as silt and debris had been swept down by the flood.
Families of the missing had the added trauma of not knowing the identity of the victims as they were located.
The UK’s mining industry is now tiny after most pits were closed at least two decades ago.
Wales, once famous for the mines in its valleys, has only a handful of private collieries still in operation.