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Palestinians unfurl giant flag in Brussels

Palestinians unfurl giant flag in Brussels
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With a key UN discussion on the Palestinians’ status coming up in seven days time activists have erected a giant flag in front of the European Council in Brussels. They also delivered a petition of over 900,000 signatures supporting their demands for statehood.

“There will be pressure. There is an American position we need to deal with. We are talking to the Americans. This serves the purpose of peace. It is in line with international law. We are speaking about 1967 borders which are recognised internationally. This is a matter of international consensus that the Palestinians have a right to statehood. These shouldn’t be empty words,” said a member of the Palestinian delegation at the EU Majed Bamya.

The initiative appears doomed from the start as full UN membership needs Security Council approval, and the US has said it will veto it.

However the Palestinians may settle for “non member state” status, which would give them access to UN agencies, and allow membership of the International Criminal Court.