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Al Qaeda behind unconfirmed US threat - Clinton

Al Qaeda behind unconfirmed US threat - Clinton
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Hillary Clinton says al Qaeda is behind the unconfirmed threat to the United States.

The US Secretary of State was speaking at a college of criminal justice in New York. Dozens linked to it died on September 11, 2001. A rusty, twisted remainder of the World Trade Center will serve as a permanent memorial there.

“Ten years later, we have made important strides,” Clinton said in her speech. “Our government is better organised. Our defences are safer than on 9/11, but we still face real threats, as we see today, and there is more work to be done.”

As thoughts turned to the traumatic events of a decade ago, Clinton warned that it is impossible to foil every plot and that al Qaeda was still able to attack. She said efforts to stop this would be “relentless”.

“We have also learned that to truly defeat a terror network, we need to attack its finances, recruitment and safe havens,” she said. “We need to take on its ideology, counter its propaganda and diminish its appeal so that every community recognises the threat that extremists pose to them and they then deny them protection and support. And we need effective international partners in government and civil society who can extend this effort to all the places where terrorists operate.”

Shortly after Sunday’s 10th anniversary the US will set up a Global Counter-Terrorism Forum. The aim is to gather officials to identify threats, devise solutions and share expertise and to ensure the events of September 11, 2001, never happen again.