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Security threat at Misrata as town cleans up

Security threat at Misrata as town cleans up
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Some of the worst fighting of the Libyan uprising was over the town of Misrata and it is still under threat.

The National Transitional Council says it is reinforcing security there against a possible infiltration of Gaddafi loyalists from Sirte.

“Gaddafi forces laid siege to the city, but they didn’t manage to take control of the centre,” explained our reporter Mustafa Bag in Misrata.

“The clashes went on for five weeks here and 1,500 people died.

“Trablus Street is the busiest of the city. But the buildings are in ruins. Now the people of Misrata are trying to heal their wounds.”

Part of the healing involves getting back to normal. And to that end, the clean up is underway.

Across the town shopkeepers are sweeping up and getting ready to open again – and hoping against hope the violence does not return.