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Continued support for post-Gaddafi Libya from NATO and UN

Continued support for post-Gaddafi Libya from NATO and UN
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The UN’s representative in Libya has been holding further talks with the interim interior minister on the country’s transition to a democratic state.

Leaders of the rebellion have already said there would be an eight-month deadline to organise elections, once they’ve made a ‘declaration of liberation.’

The UN’s Ian Martin said: “The first tasks have to be the decisions regarding the electoral system, the establishment of an electoral commission that I am sure will be widely respected for independence and integrity, and of course all the technical tasks that are involved in a good register of electors and so on.”

NATO has also committed to continuing its military air support for the revolution, though the general secretary was keen to stress to euronews that it is not indefinite.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen told us: “We will continue our current operation as long as there is a threat against the civilian population, but not one minute longer. In a post conflict period we stand ready to assist the new Libyan authorities if requested and if needed.”