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Vestiges of normal life return to Tripoli

Vestiges of normal life return to Tripoli
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In the Libyan capital Tripoli life is getting back to something approaching normal even though electricity and water supplies remain sporadic.

Shops and markets were open and residents were able to stock up on food. Elsewhere in the city, cleaners swept the streets of litter and spent bullet casings. On a main coastal road rebel fighters removed some roadblocks.

The last day of the Eid celebration took on more of a holiday atmosphere, as Tripoli residents reclaimed the city’s beaches that were once the preserve of ministers in the old regime and Gaddafi’s family.

One beach-goer, Jamal Ibrahim, said: ‘This place was for Abdul Sala Jalud and Saadi Gaddafi. People could not come here. Whoever did so would be walking in fear.’

The National Transitional Council said children will go back to school in the middle of September, even though many classrooms have been destroyed in the fighting and transport is scarce.