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From exile, Gaddafis watch their world disappear

From exile, Gaddafis watch their world disappear
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From their perches in Algeria the Gaddafis who got out must be hating the pictures they are seeing coming out of Tripoli.

Daughter Aisha’s house still attracts the curious days after being sacked, when its pool filled with grinning rebels and goods were looted at will.

Some intimate scraps of a life luxurious beyond the wildest dreams of most Libyans remain.

“They are a rich family and they are using the oil money for themselves. We have the right to make such a revolution against injustice, against injustice and stealing of money by the family of Gaddafi,” said one young man.

In Algeria Aisha is celebrating the birth of a baby girl, her fourth child, so perhaps the fate of one house does not count for much right now.

“She has fled to Algeria leaving home and belongings behind. Since the day the insurgents gained control of Tripoli it hasn’t been possible to obtain any information about Gaddafi’s family,” says euronews reporter Mustafa Bağ.