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ANC Youth League supports leader with violence

ANC Youth League supports leader with violence
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In South Africa there have been clashes between riot police and supporters of the controversial leader of the youth wing of the ruling ANC party.

Violence broke out near the African National Congress HQ in Johannesburg where Julius Malema was facing a crucial disciplinary hearing.

It is Malema’s second time before a panel in a little over a year. He is accused of trying to divide the party with his firebrand policies that include nationalising the mining industry and seizing land owned by white South Africans.

Police used water-cannon and stun grenades against his supporters, and put up razor-wire barricades.

Malema is facing the possibility of several years suspension from the ANC. But his activities are also posing a threat to the party’s president Jacob Zuma who became leader with Malema’s backing.

Rivals have since courted Malema for his support, and if he is exonerated the tussle could cost Zuma the party leadership next year.

Five other senior members of the youth wing are also facing charges that include bringing the ANC into disrepute by calling for the overthrow of the elected government in Botswana.