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Water shortage takes toll on war-battered Tripoli

Water shortage takes toll on war-battered Tripoli
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In Tripoli efforts to get back to some kind of normality are being hampered by the on-going lack of water.

The new administration has admitted that getting basic services up and running again is more important than tackling pockets of Gaddafi loyalists if it is to maintain broad public support.

But as one resident explained, patience is wearing thin already. “We are tired of this. Water is a real problem here and we’re very upset about it. There’s no gas either and we have to gather wood for cooking,” he said.

Work to repair the water supply which was damaged during fighting is underway and UNICEF is currently shipping in some 5 million litres of water.

But for barber Jassem Habib, the shortage means he cannot accept as many customers as normal so he is earning less money.

And while the market stalls appear pretty well stocked, the unrest has, not surprisingly, forced prices up.

Some goods reportedly cost 20 times as much as they did before the uprising began.