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Ancient mummy hands over secrets

Ancient mummy hands over secrets
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One has to be extra careful when one is dealing with a 3,000-year-old mummy.

Researchers in Taipei carried out an X-ray study of the remains and recreated 3-D images to see what the corpse would have looked life in life.

It has been discovered that the mummy was a male who died between the ages of 20 and 30 and according to his skeleton he was strong and active man.

It is believed that the corpse held a high place in Egyptian society as historian Shieh Tse Ching explains: “The quality of the mummification is very delicate. Ordinary Egyptian mummies were stuffed with tree resin from the River Nile only, but this mummy was stuffed with imported pistachio resin, which could be found only in Iran and Iraq back in that period of time. And thyme can be found in this mummy as well. It was used to preserve the body and it also gave the mummy a good smell. Therefore, we have learned that this mummy was a very special person.”

His origins are surrounded in mystery; it is unknown when the tomb raiders exhumed the body, but they placed it in a female coffin so as to fetch a higher price. It was bought by an English collector in 1900.

He bears a strong resemblance to the Pharaoh Ramesses II – could this be him?

Dr. Carolyn Routledge, the Curator of Egyptology and Archaeology at Britain’s Bolton Museum, says we may find out at some time in the future: “We don’t know for sure at this time. It’s mainly based on the quality of the mummification which would only be available to very, very important person and the similarities of the facial features, So, sometime in the future it would be very important to do a DNA test and confirm one way or the other.”

This mummy still has many secrets to reveal.