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Gaddafi fighter recounts her nightmare war

Gaddafi fighter recounts her nightmare war
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Gaddafi forces have all but entirely abandoned the district of Abu Salim in Tripoli, but they left behind them a large number of killed and wounded, some of whom were taken prisoner.

One 19 year-old woman was a sniper. Now she is to stand trial for executing 16 rebel prisoners.

She also shot two rebels dead in the heat of battle when the rebels stormed Gaddafi’s compund. She was captured when she ran out of ammunition and fled, breaking her legs in a two-story leap to escape.

She claims that she was forced by her family to leave her hometown of Zawiah and join up a year ago. She adds she had worked in an office until only recently. Then the nightmare began. The killing, and the rape by three officers she identified by name, including a General.

Now she can only hope for forgiveness from the victims’ families, or she could face a death penalty.

Her story is unverifiable for the moment. euronews is protecting her identity.

“They gave me a weapon and each time they brought me one or two people and asked me to kill them. They were around me all the time, two on each side and one behind, and they told me ‘Kill them or you will be killed’.

Then they put some more under some trees and asked me to shoot.

Yes, I shot them, But each time I turned my head away when I fired.”


“How do you feel about this job they forced you to do now?”

“I regret it, I really regret it.”


“How were you treated in the Gaddafi forces?”

“Not well at all.”