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Libyan Foreign Minister calls for fighting to end

Libyan Foreign Minister calls for fighting to end
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Colonel Gaddafi’s Foreign Minister, Abdelati Obeidi, says the civil war in Libya is virtually over and that if he were in charge he would tell the regime loyalists to lay down their arms.

Rebels are clearly in a celebratory and confident mood but although they are in control of most of Tripoli there are still reports of sporadic gun battles in the city.

Obeidi told a British television news channel that he has not been in touch with other government ministers and he did not say whether or not he has stepped down from the cabinet.

Speaking on the telephone from a house in Tripoli Obeidi denied any knowledge of Gaddafi’s whereabouts.

euronews’ correspondent in Tripoli, Mustafa Bag, says that all that is still known is that Gaddafi has left his compound in Bab al Aziziyah, a move which the regime claimed was for tactical reasons.

The National Transition Council says it will now start to move its headquarters to the capital.