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Syrian forces 'target Homs residents'

Syrian forces 'target Homs residents'
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Syrian forces have fired heavy machineguns at a residential district of Homs, following more anti-government protests.

Over new pictures uploaded onto the internet, impossible to verify, a voice describes soldiers shooting at people who had demonstrated on Friday. Tanks and helicopters are said to have been used after electricity and phone lines were cut.

Activists say at least 34 people, including four children, were shot dead by President Assad’s forces around the country on Friday. The day before, the Syrian leader assured the UN Secretary General that military operations against protesters had ended.

Other amateur pictures apparently show crowds marching in rural Damascus and in Hauran, waving Syrian flags and chanting anti-Assad slogans.

The latest violence follows a week which saw the US impose an oil embargo on Syria. But some European countries including Britain are wary of proposed EU sanctions, fearing they may do little to quell the violence and may drive Assad closer to Iran.