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Former Libyan minister tells euronews of corruption

Former Libyan minister tells euronews of corruption
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Libya’s former energy minister has told euronews that Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif Al-Islam is the brains behind billions of euros worth of embezzlement from the country’s oil industry.

Omar Fathi bin Shatwan was speaking in an interview to be screened on euronews from 18:40 Central European Time on Friday 19 August.

euronews asked: “We know that Libya in an oil exporting country, it’s a rich country. We also know that you were the energy minister. Where is Gaddafi’s money?”

Omar Fathi bin Shatwan:

“Look, to be frank with you, the truth is that Libya has known corruption these past 10 years when Saif Al Islam was in charge of all economic affairs; the Libyan economy was in his hands. Those who worked on the Popular General Committee took their orders directly from him.”

euronews: “So Gaddafi senior is innocent of all that?”

Omar Fathi bin Shatwan:

“I don’t know the details, but through my responsibilities there my experience is that it is Saif Al-Islam who was in charge of transferring money and channelling funds abroad, that’s what I know.”

euronews: “How much money was embezzled? Do you have a figure?”

Omar Fathi bin Shatwan:

“Frankly, people talk about it, they don’t give precise figures, but looking at oil production these last few years we reckon the sum of money embezzled varies between 200 and 250 billion dollars.”