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Rebels claim fresh gains in Libya

Rebels claim fresh gains in Libya
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The frontline in the conflict between the Libyan rebels and government forces is inching towards Tripoli on two fronts, but a heavy price in lives is being paid. At least 11 rebels have been killed in the latest fighting around Brega in the east, and their burials in Benghazi were another reminder that the rebel’s struggle is far from over.

The town of Brega itself may have fallen, but Libyan state TV showed an oil worker several miles further west, saying the oil terminal and refinery were still in government hands. They, not the town are the main prize. Take them and Libya’s oil wealth is all but completely in the rebel’s hands.

In the west the Berbers have come down from the Nafousa mountains and are advancing towards Tripoli. They say they have taken Nasser City, the closest the rebellion has come so far to Tripoli itself.

And forces advancing from Misrata have been celebrating the capture of Touarga some 40 kilometres to the south as the uprising opened a third front in the war against Ghaddafi.