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Writer exposes horror of Syrian prisons

Writer exposes horror of Syrian prisons
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Syrian writer Samar Yazbek has been arrested and interrogated five times since protest began in Syria on March 15th.

Enough was enough she said, and has lived in France since early July, but she is determined to return.

Now she has gone public in the French press with what she heard and saw when her captors gave her a tour of the regime’s jails.

“I saw young men get beatings, crammed in like animals. Their faces were bloody, their noses broken, and they had swollen eyelids. All were lying on the floor. I was afraid and I’m even still afraid now. The revolution will never stop. The people no longer want to be governed by a gang that spills the blood of Syrians just to stay in power,” she said.

She was only released because she is a member of the Alawi minority that runs Syria, and to which belongs President Assad and most of his top officials and generals.