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London looters blame their actions on poverty

London looters blame their actions on poverty
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The condemnation of the English riots has been universal, but there appears to be a wide range of opinion on what caused them.

The looters give poverty, unemployment and uncertainty about the future as reasons to justify their actions.

In London, three rioters agreed to speak to one television reporter, but they chose to hide their faces.

One young man said: “I done this basically to provide for my family. I got some stuff for my son and I got some stuff for me, like some clothes, trainers. I got him clothes. I got him nappies and baby powder.”

“I got some TVs as well, plasmas, PS3, laptops and stuff,” said another looter.

“That’s nice actually, for like not paying for nothing, it was all free. Two grand (two thousand pounds) in a couple of days, a week, that’s nice, that’s good pay.”

Youth employment in Britain stands at more than 20 percent, well over double the overall jobless rate.

Young people living in the country’s inner-cities feel desperate and say they have no alternative.

“Right now it looks like there isn’t a future for young people, that’s how I see it, because the government, they’re not helping no one out except for the rich people,” said another looter.

“This isn’t just like we’re doing it for the fun of it, we’re doing this for money to survive in this world, but until we get that or a little bit of support from the government, it’s not going to stop.”

Calm has returned to the streets of London with a increased police presence.

The British Insurers Association puts the price tag on the damage at 220 million euros.

The government said it will provide help for those business attacked by looters.

Media reports say the fund could amount to over 70 million euros.

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