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Reports of more deaths in Syria

Reports of more deaths in Syria
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The crackdown on dissent in Syria continues, with at least 14 more deaths reported, 11 of them

killed by troops who stormed a town near the Lebanese border.

One human rights activist reported several tanks had entered the town of Quosseir, prompting local people to flee across fields.

Deaths have been reported in the suburbs of Damascus, and in Homs.

In one video made available on the web, a man claiming to be an army deserter condemned what he called massacres in Deir el Zour and Hama, and called on soldiers to follow his example.

Turkish and other foreign journalists were allowed into Hama for the first time on Thursday following a 10-day occupation by the army. They saw the tanks had left, but few signs of life, or of people having returned. Damage is extensive.

In New York any severe UN measures are still being blocked by Russia and China. Despite a chorus of strong anti-Syrian statements in the Security Council, Syria’s ambassador, Bashar Ja’afari remains defiant.

“It’s very indicative and informative to hear the prime minister of England describing the riots and rioters in England by using the term ‘gangs’, while they don’t allow us to use the same term,” he said.

The funerals have taken place of victims of the army’s entry into Taftanaz on Wednesday. The town is close to the Turkish border, and there were reports a military column of troops and tanks entered the region after the withdrawal from Hama.