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Bill for UK riot damage tops 113 million euros

Bill for UK riot damage tops 113 million euros
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The latest estimate has put the bill for the damage in the UK at 100 million pounds – that is 113 million euros.

Insurers face paying out a fortune for damaged commercial premises and lost business. Incredibly, some of the cost may have to be met by the police – and, by extension, the taxpayer.

Anyone not insured may be able to claim compensation from the police under the 1886 Riot Act.

“Insurers will pay claims to customers whether they are business or household customers and customers should get in touch with their insurance provider as soon as they possibly can if they know they are going to make a claim. After that, it is an issue for the insurance industry and the government to have a discussion about the extent to which government may or may not be contributing through the police compensation funds under the Riot Act,” said James Dalton of the Association of British Insurers.

An army of volunteers has taken to the streets to help with the clean-up. The show of solidarity is a positive aspect from the chaos of the last few days.

Whether it endures if the cost is passed on to the taxpayer in these times of cuts remains to be seen.