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Gaddafi son vows to fight to the end

Gaddafi son vows to fight to the end
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Libyan state television has broadcast a defiant message from Colonel Gaddafi’s son, at a time when the conflict shows signs of getting mired in stalemate.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who along with his father is accused by the International Criminal Court of crimes against humanity, told a group of families from Benghazi that fighting the rebels would continue come what may.

“No one should think that after the all sacrifices we have made and the martyrdom of our sons, brothers and friends, we will stop fighting. Forget it. Regardless of whether NATO leaves or not, the fighting will continue until all of Libya is liberated,” he said.

If that did not happen, he added, they would continue fighting until they were all killed.

The broadcast follows recent attempts to marginalise the Libyan leadership. Last month rebels welcomed an African Union offer to hold talks with the government without Colonel Gaddafi’s involvement.

Britain’s Defence Secretary Liam Fox has admitted that military efforts alone will not be enough to topple him, saying the best chance of doing so is via a coup.