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Turkey's turbulent politics

Turkey's turbulent politics
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Analysts say the resignations of Turkey’s military top brass are unlikely to cause long-term instability.

It is the first time so many top commanders have stepped down simultaneously.

And, while it illustrates how deep the rift is with the government, many think it has gifted Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan a decisive victory over the military whose role as guardian of the secular state has been eroded.

It could give Erdogan the chance to fill the upper ranks with officers more friendly to his party. In fact, officials responded immediately by promoting the remaining highest-ranking commander, General Necdet Ozel, to acting chief of staff.

He has already met the President and Prime Minister ahead of a decisive meeting of the Supreme Military Council on Monday.

Turkey is the second-largest member of NATO.

But the feeling is operations on the ground are unlikely to be affected.