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India's major cities on terror alert

India's major cities on terror alert
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India’s major cities woke up this morning to a state of high alert. As day dawned, the extent of the damage from yesterday’s string of bomb blasts in Mumbai became clear.

At least 17 people died and scores were injured when when devices exploded in three areas of Mumbai at rush hour on Wednesday.

One was in a car and another on a motorbike, a third exploded at a bus stop. So far, no one has admitted being behind the blasts.

One man told reporters the people of Mumbai have proved time and time again that they will not be intimidated by extremism. “We will carry on with our daily lives,” he said. “Life has returned to normal in Mumbai.”

And that certainly seems to be true. There is traffic on the streets of the city, as usual and people are still buying their morning paper, despite the horror on the front pages. Even Mumbai’s local transport is as busy as ever.